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Flakes And Cakes Meaning

is a fairly common US colloquialism used to express annoyance or, more specifically, sympathy for someone being annoyed or vexed. In addition to pickles, the various things being frosted in these expressions include: flakes (after the cereal), balls (testicles), knuckles, feathers, asses, hides, and cakes. The meaning of FLAKE is a small loose mass or bit. How to use flake in a sentence. a small loose mass or bit; a thin flattened piece or layer : chip; cocaine…

Feuillantine™ Feuilletiine Flakes, 4.4 pounds. The Feuillantine brand is made in France. It has a fairly fine texture, and it comes with the feuilletine in a large plastic bag inside a sturdy cardboard box. Store in a cool, dry place, and once open, it should keep for 2-3 months at least. A flake, on the other hand, is a thin, flat piece of something. In the context of food, a flake can refer to a type of cereal that is made by flattening grains, such as corn or wheat, into thin flakes. These flakes are often coated with sugar or other flavorings to enhance their taste. Flakes can be consumed with milk, yogurt, or even as a snack.

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flake. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English flake1 /fleɪk/ noun [ countable] 1 a small thin piece that breaks away easily from something else flake of flakes of snow chocolate flakes → snowflake 2 American English informal someone who seems strange or who often forgets things SYN space cadet Examples from the Corpus flake.

Flake definition: a small, flat, thin piece, especially one that has been or become detached from a larger piece or mass. See examples of FLAKE used in a sentence.

2 [transitive, intransitive] flake (something) to break something, especially fish or other food into small thin pieces; to fall into small thin pieces Flake the tuna and add to the sauce. flaked coconut

11 meanings: 1. a small thin piece or layer chipped off or detached from an object or substance; scale 2. a small piece or.. Click for more definitions.

A flake is a tiny piece of something. A flake could be a tasty morsel like a croissant flake, or a not so tasty morsel — like a dandruff flake. Ewww.

Flake definition: a small, flat, thin piece, especially one that has been or become detached from a larger piece or mass. See examples of FLAKE used in a sentence.

Haw flakes ( Chinese: 山楂餠; pinyin: shānzhā bǐng) are Chinese sweets made from the fruit of the Chinese hawthorn. [1] The pale/dark pink candy is usually formed into discs two millimeters thick, and packaged in cylindrical stacks with label art resemblant of Chinese fireworks. The sweet and tangy snack is usually served to guests along.

Definition of flake noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

Edible gold leaf is a gold product that can be used to decorate food. Gold is considered "biologically inert," meaning it passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed. It is mostly used in desserts and candy making and is available in sheets and as flakes. It is one of the world's priciest foods, but considering it is real gold.

Desiccated coconut is ground, rather than shredded. The fine texture looks almost like a fresh snowfall. The main difference between desiccated coconut and flaked or shredded coconut is that the moisture has been removed. Like shredded coconut, use desiccated coconut for decoration. Use it to dust atop ice cream or brownies for a snowy look or.

Description. Also known as Paillete Feuilletine (tm), these Crepes Dentelles crumbs are hard-to-find pastry crunch and are normally only found in commercial kitchens. "Add these buttery, toasty-sweet shards to ganache, frostings and truffles for a super crunch." Called for in classic French recipes, these pastry flakes are a common ingredient.

noun. definition 1: a thin fragment, esp. one that has split off or peeled off from a surface. flakes of paint. similar words: scale. definition 2: any small or light piece, esp. of snow. definition 3: (slang) an eccentric person.

Synonyms for FLAKES: slivers, chips, shards, splinters, fragments, particles, scraps, sheets; Antonyms of FLAKES: slabs, chunks, lumps, hunks, sheep, followers.

Synonyms for FLAKE: chip, sliver, splinter, fragment, shard, sheet, splint, spall; Antonyms of FLAKE: slab, lump, chunk, hunk, sheep, follower, conformer, conformist

flake. ( fleɪk) n. 1. a small thin piece or layer chipped off or detached from an object or substance; scale. 2. a small piece or particle: a flake of snow. 3. a thin layer or stratum. 4. (Archaeology) archaeol. a. a fragment removed by chipping or hammering from a larger stone used as a tool or weapon.

Frosted Flakes serves as an ode to the success and wealth that the Migos have achieved throughout their careers. The title itself, symbolic of the popular cereal brand associated with abundance and luxury, sets the tone for the song. The lyrics of Frosted Flakes primarily focus on material possessions, luxury goods, and lavish lifestyles.

: to break apart into small, thin pieces: to form loose, thin pieces that fall off

FLAKED definition: 1. past simple and past participle of flake 2. to come off a surface in small, thin pieces: . Learn more.

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