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Different Kinds Of Cake I Could Make

13. Chiffon Cake. A chiffon cake is a type of cake that is light and fluffy with a delicate crumb. It's made by separating the yolks and whipping the egg whites before mixing them in the batter. This cake is typically confused with sponge cake, but chiffon cake uses baking powder and butter. Angel Food Cake. A variation on sponge cake (more on that below), angel food cake is a naturally fat-free cake that gets its name from its light-as-air composition. Egg whites are whipped with sugar until stiff, then combined with flour, and the result is a sweet white cake with an airy, slightly chewy crumb.

Type: Butter or Shortened Cakes. Buckwheat Queen. Here's a helpful hint: if the recipe says "cream butter and sugar," it's a butter cake. Once the creaming is done, you'll typically add egg, flour, and baking powder or baking soda for leavening. Butter cakes can come in chocolate, white, yellow, and marble to name a few. Instructions. Sift the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder, and salt into the bowl and mix until combined. In another bowl, combine the buttermilk, oil, eggs, and vanilla. With the mixer on low speed, slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry.

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This new style of baking was further marketed by Betty Crocker, a subsidiary of General Mills. Chiffon cake is most commonly associated with citrus flavors. Orange, almond, chocolate, and coconut.

Try it: Peppermint Devil's Food Hi-Hat Cupcakes. Broma Bakery. 8. Red Velvet Cake. Whereas devil's food is deep and rich, red velvet cake is a mild chocolate confection. It usually contains just a few tablespoons of cocoa powder for flavor, and the bright red coloring is thanks to copious amounts of food dye.

Beat on medium speed until completely combined and smooth. Add sour cream and vanilla extract, and use a spatula to fold into the cream cheese mixture until smooth. (Make sure there are no lumps of cream cheese.) Add the whipped cream into the cheesecake filling. Gently mix until combined.

A cake that requires more structure, like a bundt cake, will typically use all-purpose flour. You can substitute one cup of cake flour with 14 tablespoons of all-purpose flour and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. The fine cornstarch will help lower the gluten formation in the all-purpose flour. 7. DECADENT CHOCOLATE CAKE.

This is a generalized cake categorization which will guide you through commonly known cake names. Keep in mind that there are also variations of each particular kind. Jump to: Butter Cake. Sponge Cake. Angel Food Cake. Classic Vanilla Cake. Chocolate Layer Cake. Red Velvet Cake.

Coconut Tres Leches. A soak in cinnamon-infused coconut milk gives this rendition of tres leches its pudding-like consistency, while a shower of shredded coconut flakes adds crunch. Slice in to.

Classic examples of the category include American yellow cake, pound cake, upside-down cake, and more. Most involve creaming butter with sugar, then adding wet and dry ingredients, though, there.

We don't think so! This cake has three types of chocolate: Devil's food cake mix, chocolate pudding mix, and chocolate chips, plus a cup of sour cream for an extra moist crumb. It will taste homemade, but with so much less work (and we won't tell). 13 Tips From Southern Cooks to Make Perfect Chocolate Cakes

The primary difference between the two cake types is the fat content. Shortened cakes have either butter, oil, or shortening in them. (A classic yellow cake is a perfect example.) Foam cakes have little to no fat and typically involve whipped eggs (either whites, yolks, or both), which make them lighter and airier.

Blueberry-Sour Cream Pound Cake With Lemon Cream. Blueberries, sour cream, and a lemon-cream topping: These few extra ingredients and flavors make this cake all the more varied and exciting. Your guests will never guess you simply jazzed up a classic pound cake recipe. View Recipe. 19 of 30.

21. Chiffon Cake. While most cakes are either butter cake or foam cake, there is one cake that is considered a crossover - chiffon cake. A chiffon cake has the best of both worlds: the rich flavor of a butter cake and the light airy texture of a foam cake. Chiffon cake is made with oil ( rather than butter ).

Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake with Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting. Move aside, red velvet! Raspberry inside and out, this pink velvet cake—yes, pink! —is the perfect springtime dessert recipe. It'd also work beautifully around Valentine's Day, for a baby shower, or an anytime-of-the-year birthday. Get the recipe for Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake.

As Epi contributor Kat Lieu learned while developing the recipe for her cookbook, Modern Asian Baking at Home, achieving this effect comes down to two factors. First, the batter calls for a lot of.

Chiffon Cake. Also, one of my favorite types of cakes to make is the Chiffon Cake. It is light and airy, containing eggs, vegetable oil, flour, sugar, baking powder, and flavorings. In addition, it is easier to beat air into the batter because it is made with vegetable oil instead of solid fat like butter or shortening.

The sour cherry, chocolate, and cream cake gets its signature flavor from the use of a cherry liqeuer called Kirsch. To assemble this classic cake, each cake layer is brushed with a syrup made from the liqueur and topped with cream and cherries for a beautiful dark, white, and red striped look. 13. Depression Cake.

Mooncakes are a traditional yet polarizing food in China due to the wide variations. The small cakes are made with a thin, browned pastry shell resembling the texture of mochi. The inside of the.

This version's all about the layering — you start with the base batter, but sprinkle it with a streusel (flour, dark brown sugar, cinnamon, butter and a little salt).

While there were many votes for different flavored pound cakes - Chocolate, Key Lime, Sour Cream- this classic remains the most popular. get the recipe. 05 of 20.. This recipe received so many votes that it is clear readers rely on it for all types of celebrations, from holidays to church gatherings to birthday celebrations. Reader Sue.

White cake mix: This provides a quick and easy base for the cake. Raspberry gelatin: Raspberry gelatin adds a burst of raspberry flavor and a lovely pink hue to the cake. Eggs: Eggs are essential for the structure and richness of the cake. Canola oil: Canola oil keeps the cake moist and tender. Hot water: Hot water helps dissolve the gelatin.

Glaze. Glazes are the simplest frostings. Powdered sugar is combined with a liquid to form a thin consistency. Glazes are usually poured or drizzled over the tops of cakes and cookies. This forms a shiny hard crust when the glaze sets. Melted chocolate can be used as a glaze on its own. 7-Minute Fluffy White Frosting.

Directions Preheat oven to 325°. Grease and flour two 9-in. round baking pans. In a large bowl, combine cake mix, buttermilk, eggs and oil; beat on low speed 30 seconds.

tiered, layered, filled; flourless, upside down, naked; rolled, pound, bundt; sponge, lava, bombe -- cake comes in many flavors and forms, and it's the dessert of choice for nearly every occasion.

All-purpose flour: Regular all-purpose flour does the job in this cake recipe. Baking powder and baking soda: Both of these ingredients help the cake rise. The sour cream activates the baking soda and helps create a fluffy cake. Sour cream: Sour cream balances out the sweet ingredients; it also helps make the cake moist, with a lovely texture.

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